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How To Avoid Bad Breath In The Summer?



Summer is here! You may have planned on going to vacations, backyard cookouts, and lots of fun outdoor activities, but having a bad breath is definitely not one of them.  


In order to fix this problem, we must first learn what caused it. A leading cause to bad breath is warmer and more humid weather. On top of that, all those charred, saucy, barbecue foods that you plan to chow down on this summer probably will not help.


When the temperature rises, the risk for developing dehydration increases as well. A dry mouth is one of the biggest causes of bad breath. Drinking water is certainly one of the best ways to reduce dehydration and the risk of bad breath. Water rinses the mouth of food particles between brushings. When these particles linger between teeth and along the gum-line, they may produce unpleasant odors in the mouth causing bad breath.


To avoid being dehydrated, make sure you’re drinking enough fluid throughout the day. Also, plan your outdoor activities wisely- try not to stay out in the sun for too long, especially during the hottest part of the day.