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Back-to-School Dental Health Reminder


Summer break is coming to an end for most of our kids and teachers in Nebraska! Parents are probably busying getting their back-to-school checklist together at this time.  Perhaps, some are still trying to squeeze in one more trip to the lake.  For most parents, activities at the end of the summer is a balancing act.  It’s not a mission impossible, it’s just crazy busy time!  So in this post, we want to help you by giving you a little dental health reminder; share with you the importance of back-to-school dental checkup for your kids and why it’s worth everybody’s time.  

Top three reasons why your child needs a back-to-school dental checkup even if it’s not required by the school:


  1. Summer sweet tooth.  During the hot summer days, the consumption of soda, ice cream, popsicles, cupcakes and etc are more likely to increase so having a thorough teeth cleaning and examination is necessary to help prevent cavities from developing.

  2. Summer routines.  Let’s be honest, there’s no summer routines for the kids!  All routines go out the window during summer break.  I’m not surprised if many kids conveniently forget to brush and floss their teeth before bed during the summer months.  Hence, this is a great time to help your child get back on track with his/her dental routine.  Practicing good oral hygiene at an early age can help them develop strong and healthy teeth into adulthood.

  3. A successful school year.  Children with poor oral health are more likely to miss school or unable to focus in class due to dental pain. Additionally, study has shown absences caused by pain are linked to poorer school performance.  So, give your child the preventive dental care they need so they are always in their tip-top shape to perform their best at school. (Ref: Impact of Poor Oral Health on Children's School Attendance and Performance https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3222359/)